Here are some of the painting you can find at Pecola’s Small Wonders Exhibit.

Devin Allen LotusDevin Allen LotusDevin Allen MagnoliaDevin Allen Magnolia

small wondersUp for the winter season, Pecola’s Sall Wonders exhibit.  Five artists (including our own Devin Allen) working in small media.  It’s up until January, go see it today, Inman Quarter, Atlanta, GA

Here’s some photos from our pop-up exhibit at Pecola.  Thanks for everyone who came out.  Stay tuned for the next event.

Pecola 9

Pecola 2

Pecola 4

Pecola 13

Pecola 10

Pecola 14

Pecola 12

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    • Thanks so much I’m glad you like it. I’m just about to post some more stuff. Keep in touch.

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