Welcome to Summer 2016

Gallery D Plus brings you contemporary art, pop-up exhibitions, and writing.  Our artists are emerging and mid-career and are often combine contemporary thought with traditional practices.  Visit Erika Hibbert’s page to see how she brings together modern painting and Japanese Gyotaku for an excellent example of this.  Our pop-up exhibits are located in the greater Atlanta, Georgia region and we also work with artists and galleries in other parts of the USA, Canada, and overseas.

On our blog page we provide educational articles that explore the mechanics of making art.  There is insight into what it is like to be an artist and how they create.  In the future we hope to present poetry and prose as well.

Visit our different artist’s pages, and read our articles.  There is something interesting and entertaining for everyone.  Stay abreast of our activities on our Events page.  For information about commissioning and purchasing work please refer to the Contact page.  And of course we stay active on social media, sharing fun and thought provoking things to think about and look at.




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