A Time Without Idols – Moyuan Li

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Moyuan Li, Him, oil on canvas, 50 by 50 cm, 2011

See Moyuan Li’s artist page and her work in context in the exhibition The Ocean in Our Veins.

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记得在法国生病的时候,我记忆力最深刻的东西是房间里的窗户,由于心情不好,本来普通的窗户也变成了忧郁的蓝色呈现在我的一幅作品中。很多人觉得这幅画带给 他们感受是痛苦的。我想说这就是真实的艺术,把我看见最普通的东西的每一个感受,传递给你们。艺术可能是遥不可及的,我们能做的是安静下来,仔细听生活诉 说给你的故事。

绘画是做自己喜欢的事情。很多人希望自己成为很棒的艺术家,希望自己的作品能够卖很多钱。但是我认为画画是关于自己的事情,是自己生活的一部分。它就像一部 抽象的日记,记录了你的生活和感受。不论你的生活是否精彩,你都可以把自己的东西说出来,用各种手段,可能是别人看得懂的,也可能除你之外没有人懂。 him那张画里的人是我的男友,那天他从浴室出来,披着浴巾的样子很有趣,让我想起了游泳的金鱼,于是我拿起画笔记录了当时的感受。你看,其实特别简单,不用特别庞大的题材,只要让你自己开心,像写一张shoppinglist一样简单。不是所有人都是拉斐尔和达芬奇,艺术经过多年的演变已经变的生活化,如果你觉得因为自己不伟大而不能创作有意思的作品,那就是你把艺术看得太认真了。我们不是火箭科学家。我们只是一些爱画画的人。

Art comes from every aspect of a person’s daily life. How you look in the mirror at the beginning of the day, the clothes you choose, the color of the chewing gum on the street, the person coming towards you, and the last word you say before sleep. These daily experiences are where art exists; they are your inspiration. The emotional changes that happen everyday make us who we are and affects how our art comes into being.

When I was living in France I became very ill. I looked at the window frame in my apartment and it had a tremendous effect on me. It was just a normal window; through it I could see the silhouette of Mont-Saint Victoire but viewed that scene with a dejected mood. I painted that window the way I felt when I lie in bed looking out. People who look at the painting today say they feel pain and solitude when viewing it. This is not a great work of art but it illustrates my point; it expresses simple feelings in an ordinary way. If we are an audience of life we find inner balance through art.

One should paint because they really love it. There are those who look to art as a vehicle to fame and fortune, but art is much more important than that. Making art should be a part of everyone’s life. It is like an abstract diary that records the emotional details of your life. No matter which direction you life takes you have your own personal interpretation in your paintings. It will bring you joy and give you understanding to your emotions.

The painting Him is a portrait of my boyfriend coming out of the shower. As I watched him come out of the shower I thought of goldfish. The resulting painting is a combination of reality and my imagination. Finding a subject for painting can be as easy as watching someone bathe or writing a shopping list. You don’t need a great story, the only important thing is to pay attention to what is around you. This is no longer an era of heroic idols like da Vinci or Raphael, this is a time of ordinary individuals. Don’t let being ordinary bother you, like yourself and love art.



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