A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended to our opening last night. I hope you know this was a one of a kind event; Pecola Boutique and Gallery D Plus opened just for this evening to give you a preview of the things to come in Inman Park. You were a part of history and you can count yourselves as one of our VIP’s. As promised here are some quotes from our comment cards, I’ll get in touch with the authors to send you our gift for participating.

Pecola 13

The winning quotes from last nights comment cards

“colorful, soft, beautiful, excellent”

“D Plus is alive with culture and fresh expression”

“I can’t wait to visit more!”

From last night’s exhibition you now can see how fashion, art, and entrepreneurs can work together in the same space, you got a look at some exciting regional, and national designers including Cedric Brown who’s fashion has one foot in design and the other in art. Also, you got a look into how Gallery D Plus explores who we are as humans through contemporary art.

So what next?

Pecola will close its door for another two weeks in order to prepare for its full grand opening. Tune into their website and social media for updates. When they open, Gallery D Plus return with some of the paintings from The Ocean in Our Veins.

However, Gallery D Plus is moving on to other things as well. We are looking for a curator/artist. As you should be aware, we run online exhibitions with pop-up events. It looks like we have the next venue sorted out but not the exhibit. So I am putting it out to you, do you have an idea for a show? Our gallery is about exploring the different cultures, and different definitions of culture through contemporary art. How can we help you realize this idea?

We prefer group shows to individual artists, but will make exceptions for the right idea. The art can be in any medium. Write us a description of the idea, include some photos, even if it’s just sketches, and send them to: We are certain we can accomplish excellent things together.

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