Let’s get it started

I don’t really like that song, but it has a catchy title.  I have been mentally working on this gallery for some time, now it is finally time to make it come to life.  The motivation for a mulch-cultural/internationalism gallery comes from a need I see lacking in the United States, or at least many places in the United states.  There are hundreds of thousands of living, cultural artifacts, I want to explore them through the arts.  I’ll use myself as an example, I grew up in Ohio, but spent ten years of my life in East Asia.  While there I studied Chinese painting and while I am not strictly following the tradition, some of the image qualities make it into my work.

I am looking for artists to who have similar characteristics.  In one of my middle school lessons I presented the opinion that we are all a part of several different cultures at the same time.  Do you reflect upon the different groups you belong to?  To you aim to express these in your art, design, music, dance, and literature?  If so, please get in touch.



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