Gallery D Plus raison d’etre

Below is an excerpt from Devin Allen’s article about this gallery’s purpose.  Read the complete article here.

To accomplish this I am going to present exhibits that explore the human condition based on how we represent the world, how we learn from one anther, what we eat and the music we listen to; the way we talk and where we go. In our first exhibit we are showing three artists from three continents that all use aquatic images in their work. Each artist is exploring something different in their art but there are unifying factors, not just water but the cross-pollination of cultures; the Chinese artist uses western materials, the South African artist uses a Japanese technique, the American artist combines line quality from Chinese painting and color theory of graffiti (ok that’s me.)

This can take all kinds of shapes. At times being serious and contemplative will be required; at others we can be playful and light. We may have to say things not everyone wants to hear, for example I would really like to do an exhibit exploring racism in America today. I want this gallery to empower us all, by giving the artists a voice and the viewers sincere appreciation.

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